The National - I Am Easy to Find album Review

Score: 7/10 | Genres: Pop-Rock, Indie Rock Chamber Pop Alternative Country-Rock Alternative/Indie Rock | Release Date: May 17, 2019
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review: The relentless mid-tempos at times make this epic 16-track album drag, but on the devastating "Not In Kansas" and the frantic "Where Is Her Head" Berninger once again proves himself rock's most astute and humane chronicler of everyday crises of faith.

Carly Rae Jepsen - Dedicated album Review

Score: 8/10 | Genres: Pop/Rock, Pop, Dance-Pop, Teen Pop, Pop Idol | Release Date: May 17, 2019
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review: I love so much the way Carly do her albums. She always shows us and rubs on our faces how well she knows how to make pop music. Good pop music. She is the definition of underrated! she should be appreciated and honored for this work and for continuing to be active trying to show that she is a talented and incredible artist! Love, love this album!

Various Artists - Sad About the Times album Review and more

Score: 8/10 | Genres: Pop/Rock, Folk, Singer/Songwriter, Album Rock, Soft Rock, Acid Folk
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Have you ever felt sad about the times you are living in? You may not always be able to work it out, but you can sprinkle a little sugar on your sadness with songs like these. A follow up collaboration between Mikey Young (Total Control / Eddy Suppression Ring) and Keith Abrahamsson (Head of A&R at Anthology Recordings) to their 2017 compilation Follow The Sun, Sad About the Times, at its core, is a set of North American 70s jammers. With a hint (at times) of West Coast jangle, these tracks traverse the border between the power pop of the times and a late-night coke jam. You can also
hear echoes of folk rock, soft rock, and even detect some psychedelic flashbacks. But despite the genre jumping, the atmosphere of Sad About The Times is always dominated by a haunted human voice.These songs come in the wake of the psychedelic sixties; after the high-flying idealism had run its course and singer songwriters were ascendant. After the party, reality kicks in. They all could have been hits. Each with a different flavor, all subtly conveying universal emotions that are hard to describe but easy to feel. Sadness can be life affirming; these songs can open that door. If they couldn't they wouldn't be so enjoyable. "Heaven is boring, hell is where the action is" someone said but if you mix the two together you might come up with some songs like these.- Available on 2LP / CD / digital- Artwork by Brian Blomerth- A companion piece of sorts to V/A - Follow the Sun (ARC017) - An exploratory of 70s FM through a distinctly Australian lens.

Jamila Woods - LEGACY! LEGACY! - 2019 album Review

Score: 8/10 | Genres: R&B, Alternative R&B, Contemporary R&B | Release Date: May 10, 2019 Jamila Woods - LEGACY! LEGACY! - 2019 320kbps full download, warez, fastest links, 
review: Despite keeping us waiting for six long months since dropping the first single, Jamila Woods' "LEGACY! LEGACY!" is a lush, exquisitely produced Pop record. At it's heart is Woods' unwavering attitude, harmonious vocals, and cutting-edge production all condensed into one effective, cohesive sound. To accompany this sound is a large list of important poets, artists, and activists from the Civil Rights Movement to which this album was inspired by. Undoubtedly a highlight of 2019.

Radiator Hospital - Sings Music for Daydreaming album Review and more

Score: 6,8/10 | Genres: Pop-Rock, Alternative/Indie Rock, Indie Pop, Alternative Singer/Songwriter, Indie Rock
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review: Music for Daydreaming is a significant departure from the grunginess of Torch Song, for example, but no less raw. Though they rarely pass the three-minute mark, each track is dense and intricate enough to get lost in.

Tim Hecker - Anoyo Review and more

Score: 7/10 | Genres: Electronic, Experimental Ambient, Microsound
Tim Hecker - Anoyo 320kbps full download .rar .zip 
review: Though Anoyo feels sparser and less engaging, it still stands as a fine body of work from Tim Hecker. Yet one can’t quite shift this nagging feeling when listening to this album on its own, the way it has been presented by both Hecker and the label Kranky; Anoyo doesn’t say anything that Konoyo didn’t already speak in volumes. It feels smaller and less significant coming less than a year after its predecessor. The album feels achingly like a bunch of leftovers and afterthoughts, despite flowing well as an album and still being one of the drone and ambient highlights of 2019 so far. One can only wonder, if both of these albums had been originally presented as one double album, would it have made an even bigger impact? Those who were mesmerised by the world of Konoyo owe it to themselves to listen to Anoyo as well, but long-term Tim Hecker enthusiasts will have preferred to have been invited into his next universe.

Rob Thomas - Chip Tooth Smile - 2019 Review and more

Score: 5/10 | Genres:  Adult Alternative Pop/Rock, Contemporary Pop/Rock, Post-Grunge

review: Upon first listen I’m going to say that I’m disappointed. I understand that perhaps this album was written from the right place, positivity and love. But where’s the grittiness!? Where’s the soul!? I love Rob Thomas’s voice and his previous work but this album is a little disappointing. The first track “One Less Day” is extremely disappointing on its own but for it to be the main track in the album I think is way short. The album feels more like it was an album just to put out an album and that hopefully means that there will be more albums later that are much much better. I just feel like he never cut loose and that’s not what I expected. Compare any song on this album to “Lonely no more” or “3am”. It falls waaaaaay short. The album lacked balls in my opinion.

Vampire Weekend - Father of the Bride - 2019 album review

Rating: 8/10 | Genres: Indie Rock, Indie Pop

Review: "Father of the Bride" contains a masterpiece scattered around its 18 songs, quite few of them under 2 minutes and also few over 4. This is a rich record filled with things to listen to. Its genius is that it sounds content, like a victorious rallying cry among the band's most eclectic and pleasing sound yet, but still it hides Koenig's uncertainty and desperation. It is almost self-deprecating in a way. Now a grown house-man of sorts, Koenig woke up from the numbness of marriage and realizes he "got married in a gold rush". With the help of Danielle Haim, the now-departed from the band Rostam Batmanglij and his band mates, Koenig tries to justify and control his desperation. This is their most varied, multi-colored release ever, made to please the entire world, with no song standing out too much simply because they all do! But I feel the world is of no concern to Koenig, and this serves more of a way to open himself up to his wife to wait for him to catch his bearings. We all did--6 years, and it was totally worth it!

Craig Finn - I Need a New War album review and more

review: Finn remains an astute and supremely compassionate songvvriter, but music@lly, New War is often mell0w to the point 0f lethargic. It's best vvhen it showcases his deep eccentricities.

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Kevin Morby - Oh My God Album Review

Review: Does he get paid a nickel for everytime he says oh my God on this because if he does he made a million. This is really bad for a regular album but for a concept album it is down right awful. To start off there is not one good song on here and it is so nauseatingly repetitive you have to wonder if it was made by the military to torture prisoners. Add on to the fact that the lyrics read like a Hallmark card and the music is so beyond predictable you might have the most horrible concept record ever or maybe just the worst album this century.

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The Budos Band – The Budos Band V album Review

Score: 80/100 | Genres: Styles Funk, Instrumental Rock, R&B Instrumental, Afro-beat, African Traditions, Neo-Psychedelia

review: These 10 tightly wound, mystical mini-epics are underpinned by Jared Tankel's precision horns, and Brian Profilio, whose John Bonham drums bring the black country rock.

The Chemical Brothers - No Geography Review and more

Score: 9/10 | Genres: Electronic, Club/Dance, Electronica, Progressive House 

review: The Chemical Brothers sound more confident and focused than they have in 20 years. The veteran duo are running laps around their contemporaries and having fun doing it. No Geography is an absolute joy that doesn't seem to falter during its 46 minutes. Aggressive beats, genre-bending tracks, and perfectly matched collaborations. Everything you have come to expect from an exceptional Chemical Brothers record is present here.

Mono - Formica Blues album Review and mp3

Score: 8/10 | Genres: Adult Alternative Pop/Rock Alternative/Indie Rock Trip-Hop

review: It's pretty inevitable that people will compare Mono to Portishead (which I also love) and although I agree with the comparison, I think it would be difficult if not impossible to confuse the one with the other.